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SSL1610DF  160cm x 100cm bed

SSL1812DF 180cm x 120cm bed

The auto-feeding cutting machine is an excellent option and effective solution for clients demanding large-scale cutting of cloth rolls and other soft materials. Also when incorporating the twin laser cutting heads it can double the output.

Got multiples of small parts?

Why not have an extra laser unit on the same machine, this allows you to cut 2 of the same shapes simultaneously.

Large format Auto-feeding Laser Cutting Machine

Conveyor bed for easy feed and roll feeding

Quality Laser tubes, mirrors and lenses ensure precision cutting and a fine finish.

Options available

Twin or single head

Camera CCD system

Fabric roll loading unit

All machines come with a Laser tube water cooled chiller unit and vent externally air extraction fans and pipe work.

Internal extraction filter/cleaner units are also available.

900mm x 600mm

1200mm x 800mm

1600mm x 1000mm

Large camera laser systems