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Large format SLR camera pattern tracking Laser Cutting Machine

Sew Systems range of co2 Laser cutting machines are available in various bed sizes from the small workshop machines to the large bed with roller conveyor feeding system that can handle full width fabric rolls.

Our machines come with a simple to use computer interface that can handle a range of file formats from expensive cad systems to free of charge graphics programmes.

This laser cutting machine with SLR Camera, incorporates the cutting edge DSP technology and world leading camera positioning and image recognition system, offering a complete and efficient solution for cutting irregular designs, badges and printed shapes.

SSL1610DSLR 1600mm x 1000mm

SSL1812DSLR  1800mm x 1200mm

The camera Picks up the outline of the printed pattern and cuts them regardless of direction

900mm x 600mm

1200mm x 800mm

1600mm x 1000mm

Large camera laser systems