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SSU-015R 28 KHZ Continuous Ultrasonic machine

Model.SSU-015 R

Frequency. 28~30KHz

Output Power. 1,400W

Max Speed 0-18 m/min

Working Width 1-13 mm

All new design of sewing head, higher & narrower, makes it very easy to see the sewing point clearly and give better access for 3D shapes

Ideal for sew free one piece underwear, PPE and non woven's,and eliminates the puncture problems, associate with needles and thread. Creates cut and sealed seams impervious to fluids.

High tech horn & roller treatment process, for better wear life. Extremely easy to change and adjust the roller balance and depth.when changing to a different design. Includes a length position, repeat patterns can be reproduced easily for logos and text pattern rollers. Roller can be changed to give different cut and seal or pattern emboss and cut and join solution.

Cut  pattern

Cut sealed decorative edge

Cut and emboss mock stitching

For PPE seaming on all non woven products as it doesn't puncture the fabric when seaming

For sealing non woven gowns

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