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SSU-2014  20khz post Ultrasonic machine

The bench top ultrasonic welding machine is used for joining  and bar tacking velcro straps, non woven hospital gowns, joining of hook and

eye tabs, bra strap sealing and strap mounting loop.

It is fitted with IC circuit control design, automatic tracking

frequency. It can also be used for plastics, toys, household,

electronics, electrical industry, automobile industry...etc.

Can be used to emboss logos and  designs into suitable fabrics


• Works on spot welding and riveting .

• Bench mounted so doesn’t take up much space and very easy to operate.

• IC circuit control design, automatic tracking frequency.

• Overload safe device, quality constant.

• Simple to operate numeric panel design, to adjust time and dwell etc more accurately.

• with high power output if needed.

• Available with positioning laser if needed.

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