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Hot Air Seam Sealing machine is designed for sealing sewn seams on:

Rainwear/Outerwear,  Active wear (skiing, snowboarding, cycling, sailing, climbing, paddling sports, hiking, hunting/fishing, golfing) Industrial work-wear, Waders, Tents, Military garments & gear, Hazardous Material Protective Suits. Etc.

The machine is driven with three separate stepper motors, with driven tape feeder and upper and lower wheels.

It has a Large soft-touch multi-function display with high definition screen fore for clear display of rate, temperature, operations and programming.

Sealing speed, temperature and actions controlled by micro-computer, easy to be adjust, with both the front and tailed-end length of the tape easily adjusted according to customers' requirements.  

Tail-end of seam sealing tape can be both finished both automatically and


When the working temperature is set, the PLC looks after this control, keeping

the temperature fluctuation to within+/-1 degree, with an alarm device for ceiling limit.

For safety, the exterior of the heating pipe is air cooled and the heating element has overrun protection for a prolonged element life cycle.  


Power and Voltage:                  AC220V±10%50-60HZ。

Rating efficiency:                      2800W

Heat Control:                            Room temperature ~700℃;adjustable

Speed:                                       2~18m/min, adjustable

Gun nozzle pressure:                0.03-0.2MPa Adjustable

Nozzle width:                            Standard Flat Nozzle 24mm

Pressure of upper  roller:          0-0.2 Mpa Adjustable

Pinch roller Width:                    25mm with other width available

Seam sealing tape width:         14mm-22mm, other width available

Upper roller lift :                       18~22mm

Exterior size:                             1350mm (L) x730mm(W) x 1900mm(H)

Net Weight:                              120kg

SSAI-007 Hot Air Seam Seal Machine