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The Mini bonding press has bucks are CNC milled for accuracy and flatness with a bed size of 420 mm x 380 mm. This can be changed from a standard flat plate to a four finger plate, to allow you to press 4 short seams in one go.

The patented led Plc control system is simple to use and has recordable programming functions and lets you program time pressure and vacuum independently

Scissor-type top-buck closing and pressing has two manual control-valves to give more controlling choices. it is also optional to control manually or semi-automatically or full-automatic.

The press is fully guarded by  a safety protection system and also has a Bottom buck that can have vacuum as an extra if needed.

Options available:

1. Bottom buck blowing (controlled by PLC & individual step-pedal)

2. Steam iron and iron shelf

3. Design and make buck  shape to customer’s garment special requirement

4. Extra single stretch frame

5. Suction bed

SS1350RD Mini bonding press machine