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SSP1340LEG Pneumatic leg Scissor Press Machine

The scissor action of  this bonding press gives excellent loading viability and the pressure is boosted by an extra pressure cylinder in order to achieve a much higher pressure than a standard

machine with a vacuum suction bed. Its arm configurations with suction allow you to easily bond arms, legs and side seams with ease.

The arm bucks are CNC milled for accuracy and flatness with each arm being a size of 1300 x 150 to 100mm

The top buck is Teflon coated and the bottom arms are covered with a knitted cover

+ needle felt + silicone pad

The press is fully guarded by a safety protection system

The patented led Plc control system is simple to use and has recordable programming functions and lets you program time pressure and vacuum independently.

The temperature of the head buck is adjustable from room

temperature up to 220c degrees